Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - J.K. Rowling, Mary GrandPré

Why has it taken me SO LONG to finally pick up the first book of the Harry Potter series???

I know that so many people love these books but I thought that I wouldn't like them because they are middle grade books. I was SOOO wrong. I absolutely loved this book and I can't wait to pick up the next book in the series.

Now I know that most of you guys have probably already read this book, but just in case, I won't give too much away. So in this book, Harry Potter finds out that he is a wizard and is taken to a new school to learn everything about it. Some of the students and professors don't like Harry because of his past in wizardry, however, their attitudes change when Harry is given the opportunity to save the day and takes it.

The writing in this book was phenomenal! Every character was described so well that I felt like I was right there with them. I have nothing bad to say about this book and I can't wait to pick up the next one!